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As the UK’s leading importer of Wild Frozen at Sea Cod and Haddock from the North Atlantic, we recognise that responsible and sustainable fishing is of paramount importance to the future of our industry.

It comes as a surprise to many that only 5% of the UK supply of Atlantic Cod is caught in the UK’s coastal waters of the North Sea. The majority is supplied from Norwegian, Icelandic and Russian waters of the North


The management and monitoring of fish stocks by many of our supply partners is based on long-term thinking. Every step of the fishing process, from catching to selling, is carefully managed through quotas and concessions. Every quota is based on scientific research and set as a result of international negotiations on an annual basis. A total allowable catch (TAC) is set for every species, typically by weight and for a given time period. Our supply partners are dedicated to meeting these quotas and we are now seeing the rewards of this careful approach with Cod stocks in the Barent Sea being at an all time high.


With a biomass estimated to be in the region of 2.5 million tonnes, the Barent Sea has the largest stock of Cod in the World. See below set quotas for Cod and Haddock since 1970.

In 2010 Smales were one of the first companies in the UK to hold a full MSC chain of custody certification, which allows the information on fish and where it was caught to be traced throughout the food chain, giving customers the confidence that the fish they buy is from sustainable fishing grounds. The Marine Stewardship Council is an international non profit organisation established to police the issue of un-sustainable fishing and to safeguard seafood supplies for generations to come. Fishing companies can only be MSC certified if the stocks they fish are at sustainable levels or fishing does not hinder their recovery. The process requires ongoing data collection from catch records and stock surveys to ensure that fisheries can respond to any decline in fish population.

Whether you want to become an MSC accredited business or require information on the MSC products we sell, a member of our sales team will be more than happy to help.

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  • Since 1982, my family have been putting their heart & soul in to making the very best fish & chips, winning many industry awards in that time.  I believe that finding suppliers who are willing to go that extra mile for you is an essential foundation for any successful business, and Smales have have definitely been that for us.

    Dave HenninghanHennighans Top Shop
  • At Kingfisher we have made a commitment to ensure the fish we serve is sustainable and always sourced from well managed fish stocks. Smales have been a long standing supplier who were extremely helpful during the process of us gaining our MSC Chain Of Custody, and continue to provide us with the widest choice of MSC certified Cod in the market. They are able to help us source sustainable products and can even trace fish back to the day it was caught.

    Craig MawKingfisher Fish and Chips
  • Smales have supplied Chez Fred since we opened in 1989, and throughout that time they have been a supplier who I know and trust to provide the service and quality I expect. We are always striving to give people the best fish and chip experience possible and we work hard to promote the sustainability of the fish we source. Smales have certainly helped us to deliver a quality product every time.

    Fred CapelChez Fred
  • My passion for setting high standards for the great British fish & chip industry, and the quality of our product has always been the driving force behind Our Plaice. To deliver the best you have to consistently demand the best from your suppliers – something I know I can rely on Smales to provide.

    Gregg HowardOur Plaice
  • Harlees is a third generation family business with passion for quality, freshness and value-for-money.  We currently have eight branches so continuity of supply and reliability are crucial in making sure we are able to offer our customers the product they have come to expect.  After dealing with Smales for more than 20 years, I know I can trust them to have the quality of product & service we need all year round.

    Richard LongHarlees Fish and Chips
  • We have been serving our famous fish & chips for more than three decades and Smales have been a key supplier throughout that time. As well as providing me with the highest quality Cod & Haddock all year round, they have been very supportive in our entries in the Fish & Chip Awards, sourcing MSC sustainable products and even providing their staff to sing at our annual charity events!

    David HanburyHanbury's Fish & Chips