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Companies throughout the fish and seafood industry have a duty to implement and promote sustainable fishing practises. This is to protect the future of a resource on which millions of people and economies depend. It is paramount to maintain healthy marine environments.

Fisheries must be managed carefully so that stocks can be replenished, that the impact on other species is minimised and marine environments are preserved. This allows ecosystems to continue to remain healthy and productive.


At Smales we recognise how essential responsible sourcing is, a value that has become increasingly important to the UK food service sector. We have held full MSC chain of custody certification for many years and have since gone on to work with RSPCA Assured and GLOBAL G.A.P. accredited supply partners. The traceability of fish and seafood is a fundamental element of responsible sourcing which can be found throughout the entire supply chain, from farms and trawlers through to processors and distributors.


We do our very utmost to ensure that sustainable choices underline our approach to the products we source and as such are able to offer a variety of MSC certified species including Cod, Haddock, Plaice, Hake, Saithe, Sardines and Cold Water Prawns.


We are fully committed to playing our part in safeguarding fish and seafood for future generations.